Interact Members Join International Polio Trip

By Delane Wycoff
Polio Plus Chair

Ogallala Interact Club Plans Polio Trip to India

Attending the Grand Island event with Jeff Raikes were representatives of the Ogallala Interact club. This club is raising funds to send four of their members and one adult chaperon to India in February to participate in a National Immunization Day.

They will travel with a group of Rotarians led by Dale Schultz of the Hastings Sunrise club. Dale has traveled previously to India on a similar immunization trip and will be sharing the benefit of his experience with the Rotarians and Interact members representing District 5630.

“Be the change you want to make in the world.”


The estimated costs for this trip will run approximately $2700 per person and so far the girls have raised approximately $4000.

In addition to fundraising, they have built an awareness campaign to end polio. Recently, a press release, which followed a letter to the editor, was featured in the local newspaper. Additionally, they were on the local radio talk show Mid-West Opinions. Other publicity and fundraising letters are planned.

Interact Members Join International Polio Trip

Above: (l-r) Christine Allen , Maddie McQuillan, Brooke Robertson and Abigail Allen (not pictured) display the “This Close” symbol, showing how close the world is to being free of polio. They are members of the Ogallala Interact club planning a trip to India for a National Immunization Day in February, 2013

India has not had a case of polio in nearly two years. However, regular vaccinations are critical to protecting the younger children not previously vaccinated, especially since polio is wide-spread in Pakistan, which borders India.

The polio project chair, Christine Allen, says, “Our Interact Club Motto the last two years has been: ‘Be the change you want to make in the world.’ After four years in Interact, I found a reason to be the change and end polio.”