Packaged global grants offer a variety of sustainable projects and activities designed by The Rotary Foundation that incorporate best practices in the fields of education and international development, as well as best practices developed by Rotarians.

Packaged global grants may include collaborations with non-Rotary strategic partners, Rotary-affiliated entities such as Rotarian Action Groups, or Rotarians in the field. These projects and activities support the Six Areas of Focus and can include scholarships, humanitarian projects, and vocational training.

Because the initial work of designing the project and find a cooperating organization has already been done, Rotarians can focus their talents and energies on implementing these projects and activities. Rotarians must actively participate in global grants, but the nature of participation may vary from grant to grant and could include

  • Providing technical expertise or direct service
  • Promoting and publicizing the project
  • Identifying project beneficiaries

The requirements for international partnership between project sponsors will vary, depending on the project’s or activity’s needs and objectives.

The Rotary Foundation is currently developing the first packaged global grants for the pilot and will notify Rotarians as they become available. Because this is a new process, the Foundation will start with a few packaged global grants and steadily increase the number of grants over the course of the pilot. This process will develop over time and will not be immediately available.


Five types of packaged grants, described below, are currently available. As we transition into our new grant system, we’ll be steadily increasing these opportunities to include a wide range of projects and activities, locations, and levels of Rotarian involvement.

AKU_logo mercy_ships oikocredit_logo


Health educators training & nursing scholarships

Aga Khan University and The Rotary Foundation offer two packaged grants in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda: the first provides training to health educators and the second offers scholarships to nursing and midwifery students at the university’s East Africa campuses.

Developing local entrepreneurs

In this packaged grant with strategic partner Oikocredit, Rotarians collaborate with microfinance institutions in their own communities to develop programs that help increase the impact of microcredit lending.

Vocational training and medical service

This packaged grant with Mercy Ships helps assemble vocational training teams of medical professionals to work aboard the state-of-the-art hospital ship Africa Mercy, to deliver free, world-class health care, capacity building, and sustainable development to those without access in the developing world.

Water and sanitation scholarships

This packaged grant provides scholarships for graduate students at UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education in Delft, The Netherlands. The institution is the largest postgraduate water education institution in the world and aims to tackle the world’s water and sanitation crisis.


Packaged grants are funded by the World Fund and the strategic partner for the grant.

If you have any questions about packaged global grants or ideas about possible packaged projects or activities, email The Rotary Foundation Future Vision Team.