Vocational training teamsVocational Service and Training Grant is also known as Vocational Exchange:

  • based on service delivery and knowledge transfer in the six areas of focus
  • if with a pilot district; funding is through Global Grants/World Fund
  • if with a non-pilot district; funding is through District Grants

Vocational training teams are groups of professionals traveling abroad to either learn more about their profession or teach local professionals about a particular field and provide humanitarian service in their area of expertise.

The team…

  • May build the capacity of either the team itself or a specific beneficiary community
  • May be carried out in conjunction with a humanitarian project or scholarship
  • May be multi-vocational but must share a common purpose in support of the selected area of focus
  • Must consist of a minimum of one Rotarian team leader and three non-Rotarian team members with no maximum limit of participants
  • Have no restrictions on participant age or length of time for training 
  • Permit one or more teams to travel under each grant

Vocational service and training grants must follow either the global or district grant application process. Vocational training teams may have more than one Rotarian participant.

Group Study Exchange

Although the GSE is phased out, a club (or group of clubs) can apply for a District Grant for a GSE “look-alike” project. All logistics would be the responsibility of the sponsoring clubs. This would follow the District Grant pathway.