We are People of Action, Would you like to be?

2017-18 District 5630 Governor’s Incentive Challenge

Jerry Milner, 2017-18 District Governor

International Rotary President Ian Riseley has created an inspiring theme for 2017-2018.

will motivate us to reach out in fellowship, tolerance, and good will to our fellow Rotarians, our community and the broader nation and world.  

I urge each of you to do what you can to further the influence that we can make as Rotarians to “Make a Difference” in the world through our good works and humanitarian service.

District Governor’s Incentive 2017-18

(To download a printable copy of the brochure, click here.)

The criteria chosen for the District Governor’s Incentives listed below complement the goals that President Ian Riseley has already challenged us to reach to qualify for the 2017-2018 Presidential Citation.

Clubs’ achievements for the Governor’s Incentive Program can serve as a stepping stone toward achieving the Presidential Citation requirements.

In recognition of having met the requirements set forth in the four areas featured on this brochure, District 5630 will award a monetary rebate of $500.00 to each of the District 5630 Rotary Clubs who accomplish the incentive requirements.

These clubs will also be eligible to send their President Elect Nominee (PEN) to the 2019 PETS, supported by the District Budget in 2018-19.

Jerry Milner
2017-18 District Governor


  • Enter and maintain current club leadership data in RCC at Rotary.org.
  • Enter Membership and Foundation Goals in RCC.
  • Achieve a net increase in club membership by 1 (clubs under 50 members); by 2 (clubs over 49 members).
  • Develop a Club Strategic Plan to achieve goals.

ROTARY FOUNDATION (Complete Two or More)

  • Achieve a 10% increase in overall club giving to the Annual Programs Fund.
  • Participate in the District Grant Funding Program.
  • Conduct a Polio Plus Awareness Project or Fundraiser.
  • Support a Global Grant.
  • Reach 100% member participation in Every Rotarian Every Year (no minimum contribution required).
  • Achieve one new Benefactor.
  • Gain one new member of the Bequest Society.
  • Award one new Paul Harris Fellow during the year.

MEMBERSHIP (Complete Two or More)

  • Provide a new member orientation program that includes mentoring and communication of the expectations of a member’s involvement in club projects, committee activities, and support of The Rotary Foundation.
  • Develop a Club Flexibility Program that allows members to meet at alternative locations and times.
  • Sponsor or co-sponsor a new Rotary Club or Rotary Community Corps to expand Rotary’s reach in your community.
  • Sponsor or co-sponsor an Interact or Rotaract Club to involve young people in Rotary.
  • Identify individuals in the community who could become Rotarians and stage a special reception or event to promote their membership.
  • Use a survey, club assembly or other means to learn what your members value about Rotary and what specific things can be done to meet the needs and interests of your membership.

PUBLIC IMAGE (Complete Two or More)

  • Create a club website or significantly improve the existing club website, employing the new Rotary Visual Identity tools found at brandcentral.rotary.org.
  • Create or update an existing public Facebook page or other social media tool, posting at least 4 times a month, and employing the new Rotary Visual Identity brand.
  • Gain traditional media coverage (newspaper, TV, radio) for at least one major club event or feature.
  • Gain traditional media coverage (newspaper, TV, radio) for a “Save the Planet” project spearheaded by youth in the community.
  • Use one or more “People of Action” public image campaign ads to gain public awareness for Rotary and your local club.
  • Submit at least one club news item to the district newsletter.

For help in achieving the incentive challenges, please contact your club’s assigned Assistant Governor or District Committee Chairs listed below:

Todd Spellman
Information Technology Chair

Dian Edwards
Membership Chair

Don Peterson
Foundation Chair

Cheryl Bryan
Public Image Chair

The Trilogy Squad

This brochure has been developed by District Governor Jerry Milner and  the District 5630’s “Trilogy Squad” – the District’s Membership, Foundation, and Public Image Chairs.

Our joint goals are to foster member retention, build membership, increase foundation giving, and publicize how Rotary is Making a Difference in southwest and central Nebraska and beyond.

This is how these entities work as a continuum:

The continuum gains momentum with membership spurring foundation giving, foundation giving spurring projects, projects spurring public exposure, and public exposure spurring membership growth. When functioning efficiently, the continuum has no beginning or end.

We encourage you to employ a Trilogy Squad in your own club – to appoint members who will focus on membership growth, foundation giving, and public image – and to encourage them to work as a team.

District 5630’s Trilogy Squad

Dian Edwards, Membership Chair

Don Peterson, Foundation Chair

Cheryl Bryan, Public Image Chair