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7 Areas of Focus

The Trustees of The Rotary Foundation have identified seven areas of focus for Global Grants. These areas reflect critical humanitarian issues and needs that Rotarians are addressing worldwide. They will align Rotary with other international development efforts and will strategically further the mission of The Rotary Foundation.

Statements of purpose and goals

Each of the seven areas of focus begins with a statement of purpose, followed by a list of specific goals. The Rotary Foundation will use the goals to establish:

  • Projects and activities for global grants
  • Possible strategic partners for global grants
  • Evaluation criteria for club- and district-developed global grants
  • A system for measuring outcome for all global grants

Areas of focus

  1. Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention
  2. Disease Prevention and Treatment
  3. Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
  4. Maternal and Child Health
  5. Basic Education and Literacy
  6. Community Economic Development
  7. Protecting Our Environment