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October Message from District Governor Tom Mortimer

DG Tom Mortimer

Greetings All District 5630 Rotarians:

I can’t believe that it is already football season and the Big Red Blowout is over. According to Paul Stec it was the largest sales amount for this very worthwhile project. We in the district owe Paul and Beth a big thank you for all their efforts in making this another successful year for the Big Red Blowout. We also need to thank all of those Rotarians in the district who supported this grand event by selling or buying the record number of tickets.  Congratulations to all the winners and guests, plus all the sellers and guests who got to enjoy the bus trip, tailgate, game and Chances R for dinner. GO BIG RED!

The second big event that will take place October 27-30 in Salt Lake City, Utah, is the Rotary Institute. This year not only is the Zone Institute inviting all the District Chairs in the Zone, but those of you that may be interested in learning about those positions, they would be classified as Emerging Leaders. We have two signed up so far to attend this year, but are looking for any other Rotarians that may be interested in learning about the responsibilities of a District Chair position, District Governor or any other position in Rotary. I and all previous District Governors have attended this event as an Emerging Leader. It is very informative, plus there are top rated speakers and entertainment as well. It will be time well spent to learn more about your Rotary. Plus if you sign up the Zone and your District will help with your expenses to attend this event. Also this year the Zone has invited young professionals from all the Districts to attend their own special event and some of the Institute functions as well. This part is underwritten by RI and the Zone. District 5630 has two young professionals signed up for this event, but would like anyone who is interested to contact myself, DGE Jerry Milner, DGN Dale Schultz, PDG’s Don Peterson or Dian Edwards.

October 24 is the World Day of Polio.  I hope all clubs can put together a special program for this event.  I know several clubs have had a special Polio Plus fund raiser and will be sending in their funds collected that day. Rotary Serving Humanity.

Sheryl and I have completed our official club visits.  It has been truly enjoyable to visit all 33 clubs and meet as many of the District Rotarians as we could. The fellowship and food was awesome and the clubs and members were all great hosts.  I will try and visit every club at least one more time before PETS.  Thanks to all the clubs for making us feel welcome and all the good things you do in Rotary’s name.

Thanks again for being a Rotarian and serving humanity.

DG Tom Mortimer