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ShelterBox response summary September 2022

ShelterBox Response Summary Report – Sept. 2022

It’s an incredible feeling to be able reach out and help people on the other side of the world in what is quite possibly the worst moment of their lives. That’s why I support ShelterBox.

Pam Furnish, ShelterBox volunteer

If your club would like a presentation, update of current projects or an overview of ShelterBox, contact:

Bill Tobin
ShelterBox USA
Rotary Relations Manager


Everyone deserves a place to call home. It is a human right and the first step towards recovery after disaster.

Shelter is so much more than just a roof. It’s the foundation for life, families and communities. It is a place to feel safe after days or weeks of fear. It offers protection from harsh weather, privacy, and helps to preserve dignity. It’s a space to heal from trauma.

Shelter and other essential items help people protect themselves from diseases like coronavirus and malaria.

Emergency shelter can also prevent communities from scattering. This means people stay connected and build resilience together.

When you don’t have to keep moving or worry about where to sleep at night, you can think about tomorrow. Items like tents, tarpaulins, tools, blankets, mosquito nets, cooking sets and water filters help to meet the most urgent needs, so you can start to earn a living, send children to school and rebuild your home.

Recovery doesn’t happen overnight, but a dry and warm place to sleep, prepare meals and be with your family is the vital first step.

Your support is very much appreciated. District 5630 has already achieved a Bronze HERO award, but there is plenty of time to increase our giving in 2022-23.  Will your club help by contributing to ShelterBox?

A Bronze HERO recognition level is achieved at $1,000, Silver at $3,000 and Gold at $5,000 in total giving within the Rotary year.  If you would like to read what ShelterBox is doing around the world for those affected by disaster and conflict CLICK HERE or on the ShelterBox Summary report image above.

ShelterBox has provided aid to over 2.2 million people since 2000, we could not have reached them without support from Rotarians. Follow this link for The latest news about ShelterBox disaster relief deployments (shelterboxusa.org)

Click on the image at right to see everything included in a complete ShelterBox. A $1000 contribution provides a family with a life saving ShelterBox.