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Big Red Blowout Winners Announced

The 2021 BIG RED BLOWOUT CAMPAIGN ended with a drawing Wednesday morning (8/25) during the Kearney Dawn Rotary club meeting. A total of $49,000 (gross unaudited) was raised, which far surpassed last years results. This will go a long ways toward keeping our dues at a minimum. Please note that less than 40% of the Clubs raised this amount. Imagine if we could get more clubs participating? My thanks go out to those who participated and those who organized the campaign.

Congratulations to the following winners of the Big Red Blowout Drawing
Sold by, Club (Winner)

  1. Bob Grabenstein, Kearney Dawn  –  (Martin Cox)
  2. Stephen Isom, Valentine – (Jamie Isom)
  3. Doug Deterding, Kearney – (Doug Deterding)
  4. Glenn Knuth, GI Sunrise – (Karla Arnold)
  5. Doug Koopman, Hasting Sunrise – (Becky Hoopman)
  6. Don Deitemeyer, Grand Island – (Marilyn Deitemeyer)
  7. Jeff Schneider, Hastings –  (Jeff Schneider)
  8. Sarah Haverman, Ogallala – (Cody Quint)
  9. Mark Mendenhall, North Platte – (Mark Mendenhall)
  10. Kirsten Faessler, Lexington – (Kirsten Faessler)

Top 3 Sellers

  1. Craig Fidler Kearney Dawn $2700
  2. Paul Stec Kearney Dawn $2300
  3. Bob Grabenstein Kearney Dawn $1100

100% Clubs

  1. Kearney Dawn
  2. Hastings Sunrise
  3. Broken Bow Area
  4. Grand Island Sunrise
  5. Curtis*
    *100% Donation

Number of Tickets sold: 4623 tickets
Funds raised: $49,070

Thanks to all who participated. You’re helping support your club and The Rotary Foundation and helping keep our district dues down.

Paul Stec
(308) 440-3713

Tiffany Ritchie
(308) 440-4302