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DG Bill Ballou’s message to District 5630

William E. "Bill" Ballou, District Governor 2005-2006

William E. “Bill” Ballou
District Governor 2005-2006

To my District 5630 Rotary Teammates:

“The First Team of the Second Century” is one title given to our upcoming Rotary year. In this context we are “teammates” and, we have been handed the great Rotarian legacy of “Service above Self’. It is now our challenge to increase this momentum of public service to our Rotary world. The other options, to either be stagnate or decrease, are unacceptable.

I am pleased that RI President Stenhammar has chosen to emphasize and expand our existing programs rather than create a new emphasis of action. In his address at the International Assembly in January he asked us to focus our efforts on items that represent the most basic human needs:

  1. Literacy and Education. These programs need to be amplified to insure that all people have the opportunity to be functionally literate and partake of the opportunities that basic education represents.
  2. Water Management. All people should have convenient access to water and enjoy the health benefits that are associated with clean water and adequate sanitation.
  3. He asked that we continue what he considers “the hallmark of Rotary success”, that being the development of local programs that meet the specific needs of our home communities.

In appreciation of his goals I am suggesting that our District 5630 pursue efforts in these areas:

  1. Be involved in an existing literacy project that collects textbooks and other library materials and ships to southern African countries.
  2. Cooperate with existing Water for Life projects in Haiti.
  3. Continue working with the Children of the Dump project in Nicaragua.
  4. The Presidential Citation obtained by the majority of our clubs.

To achieve these goals, either internationally or locally, we need to continue voluntarily contributing to the Rotary Foundation, which is the life blood of our Rotary network. Every Rotarian, Every Year (EREY) should be attainable at the suggested level of $1 00 per Rotarian.  This could be through thc “Cruise Program” initiated by District Governor Ken Gnadt (2004-05), or through other direct contributions and giving programs offered by our Rotary Foundation.

I hope and trust we all have a great year in “Service above Self’.

Yours, In Rotary Service,
Wm. E. (Bill) Ballou
District Governor, 2005-2006

2005-2006 RI Theme "Service Above Self"

2005-2006 RI Theme
“Service Above Self”