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District 5630 Launches Speakers Bureau

District 5630’s Speakers’ Bureau is officially off the ground. A working excel sheet should now be in the hands of each of the club presidents – with the intent that the resource be shared with whomever helps plan meetings and gatherings.

As our clubs evolved this year from in person to Zoom  to hybrid (and looking in the future to a return to in-person interaction), member involvement and interest has been a challenge – and thus the birth of the Speakers’ Bureau!

We are asking that we continue to put our collective heads together to offer outstanding programs through Zoom, in person, or with hybrid creativity to offer something meaningful to our membership and our communities. (Through Zoom, our reach extends across the state, across the world!)

As Rotarians we have phenomenal reach. We bring different perspectives, different circles of friends, and different arrays of acquaintances. As you become acquainted with speakers who bring something special to your clubs and who you believe might be willing to share their expertise with other Rotary clubs across District 5630 – please share the info. Send in their name, topic, club affiliation if applicable, and contact information. And if you pull an idea off the Speakers’ Bureau list, or see an area where we need to add expertise – please also share that information and your thoughts on the experience.

Here is the challenge: Please think through the speakers you have had at your club or met through your business or professional associations, and send in three or four of the best, using the Speaker’s Bureau form. Once we have the information, we’ll do the heavy lifting from there.

This doesn’t require any obligation on the speaker’s part – just a nod that says if asked – and if convenient – they’ll be willing to share their knowledge with our Rotarians. If the speaker is you – or someone in your club or office, – fabulous!!! Each of us has a story to tell, and we’d love to hear yours.

Thank you for your help – AND please register on My Rotary and on DACdb – they are wonderful, informative platforms.

Deb McCaslin
DGN 2022-23
Broken Bow Area Rotary Club