We are People of Action, Would you like to be?

District 5630 PDGs take on new roles

PDG Scott McLaughlin

Congratulations to PDG Scott McLaughlin of the Kearney Dawn Rotary Club on his appointment as an Assistant Rotary Public Image Coordinator (ARPIC) for Zones 25B and 29, which cover ten states and part of Ontario, Canada.

Starting on July 1, Scott will be serving clubs and districts in Kansas and Nebraska to help them effectively tell our story as People of Action to non-Rotarians and Rotarians alike. As ARPIC, he will also advise clubs and districts on the appropriate use of Rotary’s brand and public image materials.

PDG Scott McLaughlin

Stepping into Scott’s present position as District Foundation Chair will be PDG Dale Schultz of the Hastings Sunrise club. As District Grants Chair, Dale is well qualified to serve in this new capacity. For now, he will also continue to serve as District Grants Chair.

As District Foundation Chair, Dale will be our District’s “face” of The Rotary Foundation, working as a liaison between The Rotary Foundation and District 5630 members.

When your club wants to know more about how you can participate in Rotary’s global impact, Dale will be there to answer your questions to help your club serve others – not only in your local community but abroad.