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District Governor October Message

District Governor’s Message – October

Koby Rickertsen, District Governor 2014-2015

Koby Rickertsen
District Governor 2014-2015


What an exciting opportunity to use our professional talents and careers to serve others and make a difference in our world. We are a quarter of the way through the Rotary year and I am down to only 2 of my official club visits left. I can say that it has been a complete honor to have been so well received throughout the District so far. At this point I have to give the most unique visit award to the Rotary Club of Arnold for the Harley Davidson Theme I was greeted with at the Cardinal Inn. I was blown away with the fact that they would go to such an effort for me and we had a great night “Lighting Up Rotary”. Arnold is also looking into once again becoming a 100% Paul Harris Club!! #GoBobcats.

In the spirit of New Generations month the Rotary Club of Valentine pledged over 500.00 to the 100 holes of golf tourney in 30 seconds!!! That was an awesome and moving experience. #GoBadgers So far only 2 clubs where not expecting my visit and I appreciate the flexibility of those guys in letting me have a few minutes of their meetings.

I have to say it was also great to finally be back with my home club of Gothenburg Noon this last week. What a great group of Rotarians. And as with all clubs I encourage them to set mighty goals and get out of their comfort zone a little. I believe that even though Gothenburg had gotten down to 38 members a year ago we can hit 60+ by the end of this Rotary year!! They are at 49 to-day and growing. Along with the commitment to achieve a 3rd year as a sustaining member club they are also working on being a 100% Paul Harris Club!! I AM SO PROUD! #GoSwedes 

So what does it mean to use our vocations in service you ask? Please continue to read further in this newsletter and learn about a few Rotarians in our District that have done and continue to do just that. My personal experience comes through the use of our DJ service (3oh8 Entertainment) volunteering to go to RYLA every year for the students at that camp and also helping the Rotary After Dark here in Gothenburg with an annual teen dance for the Harvest Festival. But sky is the limit my friends!!! 

This is a great month to focus on why most of us joined Rotary to begin with, SERVICE. I have heard a few rumbling from members of clubs throughout our district that they did not join Rotary for the weekly meals (they want to DO SOMETHING!). Even though all the clubs in our district are doing amazing things I think that some of our newer members are not getting the memo on all the things their clubs are up to. I also think we are not empowering our newer members to identify what else we can be doing and build on our already amazing resume!! Lets grow our Rotary families so that we can do more things in our communities!!! 

Rotarians, it is officially time to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough!!! We are not going to accept a declining membership in our country, our District or our clubs anymore!!! We are going to put behind us all the excuses and fears we have been using and we are going to give the gift of Rotary to as many of our friends and family as we can. While we do this we need to all be open to new ideas and options for doing great things in our communities and our globe. 

Spend a bit of time over the next few weeks thinking about how you can use your vocation to serve others in your community or in other communities throughout the world. I know each of us can come up with something! Have a great month Ro-tarians!! #WeAreRotary 

Yours in Service,
Koby Rickertsen District Governor