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District Governor’s Message: Novel Approaches to Membership Expansion

Dian Edwards
District Governor 2012-2013

August is Membership & Extension month. Therefore, my message this month focuses on initiatives and services being designed to strengthen and grow our membership base.

I am pleased to report that we increased our district membership by over 100 new members during the past Rotary year. This growth can be credited to the importance that clubs placed on reaching their

membership goals as well as the chartering of two new clubs. Congratulations to all involved in converting a membership crisis into a demonstration of strength and vitality in District 5630!

We will continue to expand membership growth through the promotion and charter of new clubs, in both the traditional community based format and via electronic access (e-Club).

Please consider sponsorship of a second or third club in your community that might attract new members to Rotary service. We have seen a powerful interest by young professionals in support of  “after hours” venues for their Rotary clubs.

The e-Club initiative that is under development will provide online access to Rotary membership for those smaller communities in our district that do not have a large enough population base to support an on-site club.  We plan to canvass our smaller communities to gauge interest and to bring the services of Rotary to more rural settings.

Our e-Club will be available to the global population as well. We plan to reach out to former Rotarians and others who have been touched by the programs of Rotary through Group Study Exchanges, RYLA, and Youth Exchange.

Resources to promote greater membership retention through education will be the focus of Rotary information modules that will be accessible via our D5630 web site. These programs can be used to help orient new members and to expand the Rotary knowledge of all Rotarians. Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) programs to be offered at four convenient training locations will also provide a way for individual Rotarians to achieve a broad base knowledge of Rotary, develop their leadership potential, and serve as valuable resources to their sponsoring clubs.

For more information about ways that you can participate and/or help with membership growth and retention, please contact your Club President, Assistant Governor, District Membership Services Committee, or me.


In Service of Rotary,

Dian Edwards, District Governor

P.S. Remember, the success of Rotary is built on the strength of its club members!