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Five tips for increasing your club’s Foundation giving

EREY_youth3Scott McLaughlin originally posted this in December, 2012. I don’t know about the statistics in the first paragraph, but the advice is still valid.  –Cheryl B., District Public Image Chair


Over the past four years, the Rotary Club of Honolulu Sunset, Hawaii, USA, has averaged $803 in per capita giving. District Annual Giving Subcommittee Chair Richard Zegar offers his top tips for increasing your club’s giving:

  1. Select committed Rotarians to serve in fundraising positions for several years in a row. This consistency contributes to an “atmosphere of giving.”
  2. Meet one-on-one with members to discuss The Rotary Foundation’s work. Then ask them to join you in supporting the Foundation.
  3. Recognize new members by making donations to the Foundation in their names. Not only will you introduce them to individual recognition opportunities, but you’ll also encourage their continued support.
  4. Use Foundation reports (through Member Access) to inform members of their current recognition levels and encourage them to reach the next level. Acknowledge club members who attain higher giving levels.
  5. Explain how effective and efficient The Rotary Foundation is compared with other charities. For example, tell members that 100 percent of their donations fund programs.

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