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Herb Knudsen 1941-2020

In our lives we may never know if we have made an impression on others.  We might not realize the impact our friendship has meant to others.  We may not understand the importance of our counsel or advice to others.  We won’t add up all the little acts of kindness that have been so important to others.  These are the moral components that bind us as Rotarians.

On April 18, we lost a friend, a true humanitarian, a Rotarian.  Herb Knudsen was more than a member of the Ogallala Rotary Club.  Herb was the heart of the Ogallala Rotary Club.  Herb celebrated 30 years in February, and rarely missed a meeting.  Herb’s love of Rotary was in the Rotary Youth programs.  Herb was a Rotary Youth Exchange champion.  Exchange students over the past 23 years to Ogallala have remembered Herb in the video below.  Herb stayed young and vibrant by connecting with kids.  Herb was at RYLA so many times over the past 30 years and was a counselor to countless Rylarians.  Mostly, Herb changed lives.

We will truly miss Herb’s smile, his engagement, but mostly the future RYE, RYLA students will miss Herb’s participation.  Our prayers are with his wife Karen and children Peter, Debbie, Karl and Mark.