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Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief

District 5630 Members in Rotary International,

As you may be aware, Hurricane Dorian is slowly making her way across the islands Bermuda, and is making her way to the mainland of the United States.  Click HERE for a video of Marsh Harbour this morning, in the Abacos and in the wake of the storm so you can visualize the extreme and almost complete annialation. 


Rotarians all across our zone are already mobilized, and I’ve attached a contribution form for Disaster Relief across our zones.  Contributions may be made in general, or to a specific island/state/district/etc. 


We are using a TRF DAF which we also used last year in the Carolinas.  Contributions will be collected by this NC district’s DAF, to TRF’s bank in Boston.  The zones will form a committee of one representative from each of the affected districts.  That committee will oversee the grant requests for undesignated funds, and oversee the distribution, deciding who gets what, reporting, etc.  Experience from last year’s TWO tornados give us further expertise to make it run smoothly.

Please share on Social Media, please feel free to share the post on the District 5630 Facebook page or on the Zones 33/34 Facebook page.  Also, to monitor our activities, please join the Zones 33/34 Facebook page.

Please feel free to share this email and/or the attachment(s). 

We know you’ll assist us, as ‘Rotary Connects The World’.