June 2018 District 5630 Newsletter

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  • DG Jerry Milner’s Year-End Message
  • DGE Dale Schultz – Greetings!
  • District Membership Chair Dian Edwards: We’re Growing!
  • District Foundation Chair Don Peterson: Doing Good through the Foundation
  • Delane Wycoff: Polio Plus Update
  • Club News: Ogallala, Imperial, Cambridge, Holdrege, Kearney Noon, Broken Bow Area, Kearney Dawn, Hastings Sunrise, Valentine
  • Global Grant Projects: Guatemala, Argentina, Kenya, United States
  • District Public Image Chair Cheryl Bryan: Let’s Drop to Zero!
  • RI Institute September 4-9, 2018

Please note: The target date for the next District 5630 newsletter is September 15, 2018. Please submit your photos and/or articles by Wednesday, September 5, to cheryl@cherylsdesk.com. Thanks!



About Cheryl Bryan

Cheryl serves District 5630 as a member of the Public Image Committee and as the District Administrative Assistant. She is a freelance business writer and copy editor, a remote member of the Kearney Dawn Rotary Club living in Tennessee. You can email her at daa@5630mail.com or phone 629.218.1242.

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