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Madson Calls on Leaders to Ignite New Membership Efforts

IGNITE your membership efforts

Mat Madson, Rotary International Assistant Regional Coordinator, spoke to participants of the District 5630 Membership Seminar in North Platte on June 30.

“Get everyone involved in the membership efforts of retaining and recruiting new members or in developing new clubs to reverse a 10-year trend in North American Rotary membership,” said Madson.

Clubs can earn Premier Club recognition through many membership related activities. Using the Ignite Initiative, clubs can

choose among elements and strategies that work best for their clubs. Clubs who participate in Ignite have the opportunity to become premiere clubs.

More information and materials will be available in the coming year.

Retain Current and New Members

Madson noted that any Rotarian can do at least one of three things new Rotarians need:

  1. Be a friend and mentor, or
  2. Provide an assignment to ensure a sense of belonging, or
  3. Help new members understand Rotary.

Get some Premier Rotary Club points by doing just one of these.

A brand new revision of the New Member Orientation manual (414-EN) is available online at Rotary International. Hard copies of the manual will be sent to seminar participants or on request from District Trainer, Loraine Lawler, rololawler@charter.net.

Start New Clubs

Koby Rickertsen, District Governor Nominee, told us, “Find out what blocks people from joining Rotary and find a way around it.”

Rickertson shared his experiences with starting the new Gothenburg After Dark Club. The noon Gothenburg club’s main obstacle was the time of the meeting so a new evening club was born. The clubs in Gothenburg will partner on some projects which makes the fellowship all the better.

The new Broken Bow Area Rotary Club combined newly interested people with experienced former Rotarians to revive Rotary in their town.

Catch You on the Internet

District Governor Dian Edwards shared information about a new club whose home will be on the Internet.

District 5630 hopes to launch an e-club in the coming year that will be home to members who choose to meet on-line as well as a good location to “make-up” meetings for those who miss their club meetings.

Stay tuned for more information. If you know someone who would be interested in e-Club membership, please contact Edwards, dg5630.2012@gmail.com.

Catch the Younger Generation

Cindy Allen shared tips on starting and maintaining Interact Clubs. “You have to be in their path and make sure they have fun,” she noted.

Interact kids tend to not impose limits on their efforts but have difficulty getting all the steps organized. Be there to show them the way as they embark on ambitious projects. And make sure they have fun.

Use Technology

Scott McLaughlin explained a revamp of the District 5630 web site to make new member recruitment and orientation easier (Rotary mentors can help with this) as well as making communication of Rotary changes easier for all clubs. Visit www.rotary5630.org to experience the fresh new look.

Corporate Pilot Project

Jennifer Krusemark reported on Corporate Memberships. Her Kearney Bricks club has invited corporations to join with up to 3 employees on the membership list. These people can share the attendance and participation in the club.

Jennifer has good advice: “Don’t give up…it is a new concept and it takes time to become an accepted membership device.”

Membership Status and Goals

Past District Governor Ron Bazata reported that membership has increased in the District this past year, reversing the downward trend of the past five years.

The reversal is due to the massive efforts of club members to  bring in new members. And two  new clubs have been added to  the District. Bazata will continue  to assist with membership and  club development.

District Governor Dian Edwards has set ambitious goals in developing new clubs – an e-Club and  a new club in the Stuart and  Atkinson area of Nebraska.

DG Edwards has also set goals for helping with new member orientation via Internet modules. “In this age of technology, we can make orientation and member education much easier,” she noted.

In addition, DG Edwards has launched Rotary Leadership Institutes in our District. Rotary Leadership Institutes can be used for new member orientation as well as more in depth understanding of Rotary and
leadership skill development.

For members who want to lead, this will be a valuable tool. Past District Governor Dave Snow will coordinate both the Leadership Institutes and Visioning Program for the next year.