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Membership Incentive

In January I introduced the District membership incentive to the Club Presidents, and in the February newsletter I addressed “Our Membership Challenge”.  I want everyone to know that we are all in this together.  Growing Rotary is something we should all discuss at EVERY Rotary function.

To help encourage every member to INVITE and ASK for membership I am offering the largest membership incentive EVER!

For EVERY new member that you sign up and induct, the district will reward $125!

This is retroactive to January 1, 2020, and will run through the end of this Rotary year, June 30, 2020. As with any reward, there are a few steps for you to complete. These 8 steps are short, easily accomplished, and should already be included with every new member anyway. I’m just reinforcing them by holding you accountable. To be eligible, new members must:

  1. Attend 4 meetings in the first 60 days
  2. Review the Rotary International website, Rotary.org
    1. Register their own account
    2. Complete their own profile
    3. Take a look around the website, look at About Rotary, Rotary Foundation, and Membership
  3. Give a short classification talk to the club
  4. Serve as a club greeter at least two times during the introductory period
  5. Attend a Club board or business meeting
  6. Mingle with club members to meet every club member
  7. Serve on a club committee
  8. Bring a guest to a club function (meeting, social, project)

The district will write checks to the clubs for $75 for each new member who signs up and fulfills these steps. An additional $50 will be contributed to the sponsoring Rotarian’s Rotary Foundation MyRotary.org account. See the New Member Incentive document. Complete the form and return it to me before June 30, and a check will be sent to the club for EVERY NEW MEMBER inducted!

You have the support of the entire district leadership team including myself, all three of the incoming district governors, and at least four of the most recent past district governors. All of us want to help, will travel at your request, and are absolutely committed to making this work for YOU and your CLUB. Please reach out to anyone of us for help.

I’m looking forward to approving many checks for your club.