News from the Burwell Club

The Adopt-A-Highway volunteers held their 27th annual Nebraska Trash-Off April 1st thru April 30th, 2017. In conjunction with this, the Rotary Club of Burwell held its annual trash pick-up project on April 18th. The club has adopted a two-mile section of Highway 91 west of Burwell. The Rotary members joined other volunteers in a statewide cleaning event in keeping Nebraska roadsides clean and litter-free.

Rotary members helping with the cleanup project were David Ridings, David Sawyer, Kellie Carr, Amy Brunken, Brenda Brott, and Michelle Sawyer.

About Cheryl Bryan

Cheryl serves District 5630 as a member of the Public Image Committee and as the District Administrative Assistant. She is a freelance business writer and copy editor, a remote member of the Kearney Dawn Rotary Club living in Tennessee. You can email her at or phone 629.218.1242.

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