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Purple Pinkies Popular in Imperial

Secretary, Imperial Rotary Club

purple-pinkieMembers of the Imperial Rotary Club and Chase County Interact Club collected over $900 from the community of Imperial during their Purple Pinkie Project on Thursday, October 24.

Members of Interact, with help from Rotarians, set up a table at Chase County High School before school and during the lunch period, brought in a total of $57. Past President Bill Bryan said some students approached the table with dollar bills in their hands. One student appeared to be giving – or loaning – dollar bills to her friends so they could also participate.

Club President Tom Gaschler and Rotarian Jane Moreland went to downtown businesses, and collected in some $360 in donations. Past President Bill Bryan and Membership Chair Bernard Lorenz continued where Tom and Jane left off, adding the Highway 61 “Miracle Mile” and hospital to their efforts.

This is the second year the Imperial club has participated in the Purple Pinkie Project. Last year’s effort yielded $137 from the community. The club expects even better participation next year as community members anticipate World Polio Day and stand in line to have their pinkies painted purple.