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Grant Qualifications and Applications


Districts first become qualified in order to receive grant funding from The Rotary Foundation. Clubs wanting to apply for district, global or packaged grants must also be qualified. The qualification process makes sure each district and club understands their financial responsibilities, including stewardship, and is prepared to take on these new responsibilities.

For clubs to become qualified each year, they need to (also see further details below):

  • Agree to the club qualification MOU (the club’s president and president-elect must sign)
  • Send at least one member to the grant management seminar
  • Complete any additional requirements of their individual district

Making Application

Clubs are ready to make application when they have a project ready to propose, have met eligibility requirements, and are in compliance with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and the Terms and Conditions of the grants programs, can then proceed with the application process.

Qualifications for Seeking a Foundation Grant

Review these qualifications carefully before submitting a club or district application for a grant.

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Qualifications for district eligibility include —

  • Annual MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)
  • DG, DGE, & DRFC authorize online annually

Qualification checklist —

  • What MOU requirements does club already implement?
  • What requirements does club need to implement?
  • What members would be good choices to help implement the club MOU?

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Districts must also be eligible to receive Global Grant funds.

To be qualified, clubs must —

  • Annual MOU (the Club’s President and President-elect must sign)
  • At least one member complete grant management training
  • Club be current on IRS 990 filing
  • Club must be current on District & RI Dues
  • Club will have a current Annual Fund Foundation goal set in rotary.org (by 12/31)

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Grant Terms and Conditions

District Rotary Foundation Financial Management Plan. (as .pdf) | (as .doc)