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Restocking Your Community Pantry: COVID-19 response


In the aftermath of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, and with so many people unable to work and provide for themselves and their families, community food banks and pantries have seen their inventory decimated and the need for services expand exponentially.  This seems to be a common problem across our Rotary District as well. 

You can help.  

District 5630 has filed with The Rotary Foundation for a COVID-19 Disaster Relief Grant.  These is YOUR donations!  Send in a grant request before April 13 to provide food for your local food bank to DG.2019@5630mail.org. Include the name of the Food Bank or Pantry, dollar amount requested, how many people will this impact and the name of your club. 

…but don’t just present a check* and call it goodwill.

Consider using a multiplier effect in your club and community, for example:

  • Ask your club members to make food donations or a cash contribution towards the efforts.          
  • Take the total collected plus the grant funds (ie: $1500) and purchase groceries from your local grocer (supporting your local economy).
  • Ask the grocer if they might even provide a small discount to make the funds go a little further.
  • Engage several healthy Rotarians to make a Grocery run.  The shopping spree would be a lot of FUN!  Don’t forget personal hygiene items, paper products, and cleaning items.
  • Donate all the paper products, cleaning supplies, and groceries to the Food Panty. 

The net effect is that you accomplished the same ends but were able to provide much more than just giving someone money.   Take some pictures of your shopping spree and share on social media account.  Contact the local media, and explain this is a Rotary project to support COVID-19 response.

*The Rotary Foundation does NOT allow for funds to be used as a pass-through directly to another charitable organization.  In other words, you cannot request funds and then just hand them over to the local pantry.