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Rotary District 5630 Makes a Huge Splash for Clean Water in April 2016

Katie Spotz at the age of twenty-two rowed a boat across the Atlantic Ocean to raise awareness for the importance of clean water globally!

Sharing inspirational stories of her own courageous adventures, Katie will not only raise our awareness about the global water crisis but will personally demonstrate how everyone can reach their potential while making a positive difference in the lives of others.

As the featured speaker at the District Conference on April 30th in Kearney, Katie champion’s the H20 Foundation that focuses on educating and empowering our youth to lead the future for clean water globally.

Why H2O for Life?

Since 2007, H2O for Life and their partner schools have contributed almost $2 million to more than 450 life-saving water projects in the developing world.

In 2014-15, their projects included borehole wells, handwashing stations, hygiene education, rainwater catchment systems, and VIP (Ventilated Improved Pit) latrines in Uganda, India, Congo, Ethiopia, Dominican Republic, Mozambique, Nicaragua, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, Ecuador, and Guatemala.

What Can You Do?

Sponsor a local fundraiser / awareness project in your community between now and the middle of April. Engage and partner with your local Interact or Rotaract Club to organize the project.

 Some suggestions:

  • Give up all beverages except water for two weeks; donate the money you would have spent on drinks.
  • Host a walk at your local high school track where sponsored participants carry a gallon of water for four miles (the average distance children in some countries walk to fetch water).
  • Sponsor a boat row across a nearby lake. The Ogallala Club raised $2500 in November with their Row across Big Mac.
  • Sponsor a 5K race for water. Ask local businesses to donate prizes and charge an entrance fee.
  • Offer a community bake sale for clean water.

Take photos or make a video of your event and send them to Todd Spellman (taspell99@gmail.com) for inclusion on the District Website. The UNK Rotaract Club will then produce a video of club events to show at the District Conference.

Please support “Our District Youth Groups” by getting them to the Conference to experience the magic of Katie’s message and presenting her with a substantial check for the funds they have helped raise.

This is a unique opportunity to show how much Rotary District 5630 cares about those without access to the clean water we take for granted. Let’s make a big splash for Clean Water!

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