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Rotary Grants News


After years of planning and a three-year pilot, the Future Vision grant system was launched worldwide on 1 July. Rotary’s new grants offer a range of possibilities for supporting humanitarian activities, scholarships, and vocational training locally and abroad. Here are resources that can familiarize you with the new grants:

Updates to policy document

The Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation District Grants and Global Grants have been updated as follows:

  • After grant approval, any changes to the original project plan must be preapproved by The Rotary Foundation (Section II).
  • Additions to existing structures are not eligible expenditures (Section III).
  • Global grants for humanitarian projects may not consist primarily of research-oriented activities or data collection (Section III).
  • Individuals who make their travel arrangements through RITS/BCD Travel will automatically be covered by an insurance policy (Section V).
  • Healthcare professionals who will be providing services as part of the grant activities are expected to have a minimum of US$500,000 in professional liability insurance coverage (Section V).
  • Rotarians and their family members may serve on a vocational training team as long as the team is providing, not receiving, training (Section V).
  • Scholars are no longer required to reside in their host districts (Section V).
  • Global grant sponsors do not need to explain budget variances in the final report (Section IX).