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Sibert Advises: “Plan for a New Year of Giving”

By Frank Sibert
Foundation Committee Chair
email: fjs@rcom-ne.com


A new Rotary year is now here. The last two years have been good for The Rotary Foundation. We have met our goals and have raised some funds for the people of the world. Our efforts should make each and every one of our Rotarians in the District feel we have achieved something to be proud of.

The Rotary FoundationWe are now starting a new year and guess what ? Your chairman is still out looking for help. Now is the time to start planning for the new year. If we could get each and every Rotarian to give $100.00 to the Foundation the 2012-13 year would be a big success. Those who are Paul Harris Fellows should plan to give an additional $1000 and become a multiple Paul Harris Fellows. If you are not a Paul Harris then you should plan to set a goal of becoming one this year. If you have some extra cash, a gift of $10,000 will result in a Major Donor award.

Any gift regardless of the size will help the Foundation reach its goals of helping the needy of the world. If every Rotarian would give something, it would result in financing many of the projects that Rotary is supporting. You may say that you can’t give very much so probably what you can give would not help. If each of the 1.2 million Rotarians around the world would give something it would add up to a large amount. Think about it. Contributions to the Rotary Foundation make it possible for clubs to transform lives worldwide. Your generous support funds projects in Rotary’s six areas of focus:

  1. Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution
  2. Disease Prevention and Treatment
  3. Water and Sanitation
  4. Maternal and Child Health
  5. Basic Education and Literacy
  6. Economic and Community Development

All worthy projects.