It is important that your profile be updated in in order for the directory to show correct information.

Instructions are as follows:  

  1. Go to and click on link at top of screen “login/register;
  2. Click “create account” 
  3. Fill out Name  and eMail address, and click next.
  4. If you see the following page.

rotarydotorg2 If you receive this screen fill out the empty boxes and will attempt to find your registration.  IF you do not hear from, you can contact them directly at and they will answer you within a few days.

Also, your club Secretary, or Treasurer, and President also has the ability to update your club member information and help with educating you on how to create your profile on

As always, if there are issues with needed help, I would be happy to visit your club and help.


JoAnne Hoatson

District Administrative Assistant