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You Don’t Have to Be a PR Chair to Publicize Rotary

4992_PNG_for_Word_documents_presentations_and_web_use_AdditionalFileBy Cheryl Bryan

District 5630 Public Image Committee

As you may be aware, Rotary International is encouraging all Rotary clubs to use the new, more consistent Rotary logo, which adds the word “Rotary” to the familiar Rotary wheel.

Patrick Plantenberg, the Public Image Chair for District 5390 (Billings, Montana) tells us it works! Here’s his story:

“In Townsend, our community image branding we did about 10 years ago has never caught on.  The new Rotary brand works!  At our District Assembly in April at Fairmont, I purchased the new Rotary lapel pins in both the pin and magnetic versions for our club members. I have always been a believer in wearing my Rotary wheel style lapel pin wherever I go.  Every once in a while, someone would ask, ‘What does it say on your pin?’ 

“I have been wearing the new style Rotary lapel pin now for about two months and many people have commented – ‘Oh, I see you’re in Rotary!’ or ‘What is Rotary?’  They actually can read the word ‘Rotary’ on the pins!  This recognition is what branding is all about.” 

You can find the pins at any of our Rotary Club suppliers, who are listed at Rotary.org/Licensed Vendors or go to the Russell Hampton website. They are the usual suppliers for our region. Here’s the link for their “Masterbrand” Lapel Pins.

Be sure that when you wear your lapel pin, you’re ready to answer the question, “What is Rotary?”

At the same time, please use the new Rotary logos on all correspondence and social media.  Visit the Rotary Brand center at https://brandcenter.rotary.org/en-GB to find example formats for press releases, letters, etc.  Also, please forward your copies of news releases, newspaper articles, or social media postings to Cheryl Bryan, District Public Image Committee Member, cheryl@cherylsdesk.com.