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November 2019 District 5630 Newsletter

November 2019 District 5630 Newsletter


  • Have you thought about serving as District Governor? – DG Scott McLaughlin
  • Chart: Rotary’s Membership Experience – Rotary Leader
  • Happy and Safe Schools Grant Approved
  • Rotary Youth Exchange – Paula Witt
  • The Perfect Facebook Post
  • Photo: Big Red Blowout Winners
  • Polio Eradication: Gains and Losses – Delane Wycoff
  • Club News – Imperial, Ogallala, North Platte Noon, Lexington, Alma, Holdrege, Kearney Dawn, Cambridge, Grand Island Noon, Hastings Noon, St. Paul, Broken Bow Area, O’Neill
  • Other News: New District Areas, Rotary and Alzheimer’s Research, Dale Schultz with RIPE, Zone 25b-29 RLI
  • What is DACdb? – DG Scott McLaughlin


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